Image of a computer

Web Developer Noun

  1. Someone capable of producing captivating user interfaces, intuitive user experiences, and functional, performant code in order to create an organic and holistic system in which users will find satisfaction.
  2. A sentient beast that converts Redbull, pizza, and sleep-deprivation into a completed project. (Mileage may vary)
Image of a computer... What did you expect?

Angel Piscola Noun

  1. A software engineer/web developer with professional experience in Java, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Come see me on LinkedIn
  2. A technology hobbyist interested in powerful new technologies with personal projects built on Node.js, CouchDB, Sqlite, and the latest web languages.
Yet another computer image... Yawn

Portfolio Noun

  1. The sum total of a developers efforts; his knowledge and skill, incarnate.
  2. "I went to school and have experience. Look at these thumbnails."

Compiling assets (Might take a few years…)

Image of a hand browsing facebook...

Social Media Noun

  1. A medium through which ideas may be shared and discussed.
  2. A method of remotely contacting a person or institution.
  3. A high-intensity workout technique used by many to enhance their core thumb strength.